– Deliciously Diluted

In a society where the FOX network takes The Best Damn Sports Show Period and renames it The Best Darn Super Bowl Road Show Period to appease affiliates and furrowed-browed commissions, it’s not surprising our horror films are being watered down, as well. The entertainment industry seems to be moving toward the middle, afraid of the old mentality that allowed Rambo to gun down every person within a twelve foot radius. Films must now be watered down, must reach as many demographics as possible, and as a result Hollywood is becoming bland.

There are exceptions to the rule, films bold enough to be truly graphic and not worry about a family values group breathing down their neck. Dawn of the Dead, for example, though the recipient of mixed reviews truly deserved its R rating. It was bloody, disgusting, and sometimes offensive in its need to push the envelope, but no one can say it didn’t have guts. Why can’t the film industry throw caution to the wind and realize they have a right to make the movies they want audiences to see? How many films must we as an audience sit through before we get tired of cheap scares, hollow-eyed child actors, and off-camera horror?

Now I’m not saying every horror film needs to be chock full of entrails to be successful. No amount of gore can make up for a listless story or deadpan acting, but I’m just tired of these generic, tired horror films that don’t take chances. Darkness, White Noise, Hide & Seek, Boogeyman…audiences deserve variety, even if they don’t realize it themselves. These movies may bring in the dough, but they’re making the industry creatively bankrupt.

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