– Potent Quotables


“It’s an evil fucking room.” – Gerald Olin (1408)

“Land of the free. Home of the weird.” – The Statue of Liberty (Moonwalker)

“It’s–it’s–it’s MICHAEL JACKSON!” – Demonic Child (Moonwalker)

“You tellin’ me the King’s a queen?” – Gordie (Ready to Rumble)

“And now the toe shoe is on the other foot.” – Rosie (The Turning Point)

“A good many dramatic situations begin with screaming…” – Barbarella (Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy)

“Pirates?! You mean like walking the plank buried treasure hack slash off with his head and the Jolly Richard and everything?” – Mabel (The Pirate Movie)

“Hang five, honky!” – Token Black Pirate (The Pirate Movie)

“You can tie a rock to my soul, but you can’t build a prison for my mind!” – Hebrew Slave (The Ten Commandments: The Musical)

“He’s gotta die, he’s gotta die! He’s gotta die, he’s gotta die! He’s gotta die, he’s gotta die! He’s gotta die, he’s gotta die! … ” – Ensemble (The Ten Commandments: The Musical)

“Pharaoh gives us everything we need. Even though our work was never dull, we still found a way to have some fun!” – Hebrews (The Ten Commandments: The Musical)

“The Eleventh Commandment: You must see The Ten Commandments!!!” – Sergio Martinez of Socal.com’s featured quote on the DVD of The Ten Commandments: The Musical

“Hey Linda, I’ll see you later at Popeye’s then, okay?” – Lucy Lane (Supergirl)

“Damn her eyes! Who is she?!” – Selena (Supergirl)

Ethan: What happened? Supergirl: You got hit on the head by a coconut. – Supergirl

“I’ll rip out your optics!” – Megatron (Transformers: The Movie)

“Tell Grim-Lock about the Petrol Rabbits again!” – Grim-Lock (Transformers: The Movie)

“I need your help. Come here. … Nervous huh? I know where you’re coming from. People hating you and all that. As far as I’m concerned it all began with that story of Eve. And when they want dirty work done, they really take advantage of you. Like that evil, slimy wizard up there!” – Sinbad conversing with snakes (Sinbad of the Seven Seas)

“No one can resist my will. And no one, not Prince Ali, not even his friend Sinbad—a man who I hate more than hate itself—will stand between me and my heart’s desire! … HA!” – Jafar (Sinbad of the Seven Seas)

Sinbad: I wanna warn you all that this is a big risk. The Amazon Queen is a mind vampire, and she can suck any man’s will away, if you’re not careful. Even the Viking’s. The Viking: Ha-ha-ha! – (Sinbad of the Seven Seas)

“MAG-NIFICENT, Alina, my beautiful black pawn! I’m WINNING!” – Jafar (Sinbad of the Seven Seas)

“You know that no Grant University student has ever committed suicide? What could I do? It’s gotta be the stuff that legend’s are made of … I want them to remember Jay Jay Brockman. I know … the caverns! The mysterious, forbidden Pequod caverns! ‘Boy Genius Suicides in Caverns’! They’d talk about it forever. I’d be immortal.” – Jay Jay (Mazes and Monsters)

Daniel: You know, I was always like Mr. Spock from Star Trek. I thought I had no feelings, like a Vulcan. I never thought I could fall in love. Kate: You’re not like Mr. Spock at all. You’re like the, um, the Tin Man, from The Wizard of Oz? Who thought he had no heart and had the biggest heart of all? You know, I was always afraid to get involved with you … because you were so attractive.” – (Mazes and Monsters)

Cop: A lost weekend does not make a lost person. Kate: Yes, but Robbie Wheeling isn’t the kind of guy who would run off without telling anybody. His parents don’t know where he is. Cop: Maybe he met a young lady. Kate: Not Robbie. – (Mazes and Monsters)

“You guys cruisin’ for lung cancer or what?” – Michael (Cartoon All-Stars)

“Those drugs are so boring.” – Ant-Drug Smurf (Cartoon All-Stars)

“What’s up, Doc, is your life if you don’t cut it out.” – Bugs Bunny (Cartoon All-Stars)

“There’s nothing cool about a fool on drugs!” – Kermit the Frog (Cartoon All-Stars)

“Well, Jerry and I have seen a lot of chickens in train windows, and we always wanted to raise some of our own. You know, watch them hatch, and feed them and eat them.” – Mrs. Cohan (Yankee Doodle Dandy)

(A soldier poses dramatically for his recruiter) Soldier: I used to be a model! — Recruiter: You’d look awful pretty peelin’ potatoes. – (Yankee Doodle Dandy)

Ferrari: I know I lost my virginity at prom. How about you? When did you lose your virginity? — April: When I was ten. — Ferrari: Okay, moving on! – (The Girl Next Door)

“Time for a little robot chauvinism.” – Elle the Robot (Starcrash)

“You know, my son, I wouldn’t be Emperor of the Galaxy if I didn’t have a few powers at my disposal. Imperial Battleship, halt the flow of time!” – The Emperor of the Galaxy (Starcrash)

Worm: ‘Allo. — Sarah: Did … you say hello? — Worm: No, I said “‘Allo,” but tha’s close enough. – (Labyrinth)

“I thought I’d gone to the limits. I hadn’t. The Cenobites gave me an experience beyond limits … pain and pleasure, indivisible.” – Frank Cotton (Hellraiser)

“Come over ‘ere and open up yer lugholes.” – Captain Red (Pirates)

“Wuh-hieey?!” – Captain Linares (Pirates)

Flick: Simian soldiers are easily replaced if damaged or injured, and if caught, they will not squeal, even under the most severe torture. — Christine: That’s so mean. – (Funky Monkey)

Cop A: You know that this is an unofficial debriefing, officially not an arrest questioning. Then please state so for the record, doctor, unofficially. — Cop B: Officially. — Cop A: Officially. – (R.O.T.O.R.)

Board Member: What are you planning, high tech rock and roll with the rescue of civil law and order? — Coldyron: You’re on my wavelength and you’re right. – (R.O.T.O.R.)

Coldyron: Let me tell ya something mister, you fire me and I’ll make more noise than two skeletons making love in a tin coffin, brother. — Herl: You bastard. – (R.O.T.O.R.)

“Well, while Mustard roamed through the building looking for Strawberry, she and her hotline friends dashed to the van and captured him! Now the question is, could the boys discover how to use this computerized link to FVB to help recover the lost instruments?” – Mr. Kite (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band)

(Concerning his food) “Oy love, you wouldn’t give this to a Jap on Anzac Day.” – Aussie (Starstruck)

“It’s the monkey in me that makes me wanna do it, monkey in me that makes me wanna chew it!” – Jackie singing “Monkey in Me” (Starstruck)

Benny: The people in my neighborhood are decent folks, but they’re not gonna lie down and roll over for some out-of-state, wimpy white asshole like yourself. Now if you’re willin’ to learn … — Joe: About all I could learn from you is how to eat shredded wheat without milk. – (The Wild Pair)

Cop: Whaddya think I’m doin’ here, playin’ with my dick? — Benny: You’d need a magnifying glass and tweezers. – (The Wild Pair)

“You know what gets me Captain? Tucker was a snitch, he took his chances. Debbie was just a poor chick doin’ me a favor. You tell me: Why the fuck did you kill my cat?” – Benny (The Wild Pair)

“Maybe seagulls aren’t meant to fly faster than 62 mph … ” – Jonathan (Jonathan Livingston Seagull)

Fletcher: Jonathan! — Jonathan: Also known as the son of the Great Gull. — (Jonathan Livingston Seagull)

“You’re looking for someone, but it’s not KISS.” – Star Child (KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park)

“You are addressing me, Demon? Mmm? Mmmm? Mmmmmm?!” / (Crying out to the hooligans who are assaulting his robotic monkey) “Leave Simon alone, please!” – Abner (KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park)

(To the hooligans, who are already in the park)He built this park and I run it. Now if you can’t control yourself you’ll be outta this park before you get in.” / “KISS … where are you?” – Calvin (KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park)

“She has testicular telepathy, man!” – Spooner (The Fog)

(After her son has picked up the phone and not said a word) “Andy I need you to cool down and listen to me, okay?” – Stevie (The Fog)

“You know baby, you got a lot of smart up front.” / (After beating a crook within an inch of his life) “I don’t care if you’re on the wrong side of the law. I’m lookin’ for something.” – Don Wong (Karate Cop)

“I’m Chow the lawyer.” – Chow the Lawyer (Karate Cop)

“You maaaniac! You insaaane man!” – Schermerhorn (Paint Your Wagon)

Ben: What the hell are you lookin’ at, Horace Tabor?! — Horace: I’m looking for my stirring stick. – (Paint Your Wagon)

“Look at you … the Fantastic Four!” – Mrs. Storm (The Fantastic Four ‘94)

“It’s got to be the cloud! It’s fundamentally altered our DNA!” – Susan Storm (The Fantastic Four ‘05)

“Dammit! DAMMIT!!! That son of a bitch thinks he’s gonna kill us!” – Cooky Hero (Star Crystal)

“They fly! They FREAKING FLY!” – Charlie (The Cave)

“I know you’re searching for me … searching, searching. I’m here … my voice is for you alone. I am found in your eyes only. I exist for you. I am in your mind as you create me. Oh … yes. I can feel my creation! I’m getting your message … are you getting mine? Oh … oh … we are excited, aren’t we? Well, just relax … just relax. Yes … now we can have a good time, can’t we? I’ll tell you a secret: I find you adorable. I’ll tell you a secret: I find you adorable. I find you adorable. I don’t mean to ask how you find me. You see, I am your fantasy. I am your pleasure, so enjoy me. This is our moment in time. That we might turn this moment … into an eternity.” – Mermeia Holographic Wow (The Star Wars Holiday Special)

“Stir, whip, stir, whip, whip, whip, stir, BEAT!” – Chef Gormaanda (The Star Wars Holiday Special)

“I’m terrified that all the good things are going away.” / “Everyone’s cursed, Jimmy. It’s called life.” – Ellie (Cursed)

“Lay off the crack pipe!” – Becky (Cursed)

“Did you just attempt a confrontation?” / “Let’s get outta here before we get homo stains!” – Bo (Cursed)

“Holy cat! That’s it!” – Bumbling Crook (I Downloaded a Ghost)

“Death to all if he escapes!” / “Why should I, Lord Arklon, maximum ruler of Arok be any concern of you?” – Arklon (Beastmaster 2)

(After an extra has been hit by an arrow) “Well, I guess he got the point.” / “They call it ‘L.A.’” / “Arklon! Scum of the swamp! May tarantulas grow in your mouth!” / “Chill out, Lord Dude.” – Lyranna (Bestmaster 2)

“They’re diggin’ you’re royal attire, sire.” / “Way rad!” – Jackie (Beastmaster 2)

“Officials say President Reagan will be able to dress himself any day now.” – Reporter (Beastmaster 2)

“YEAH! OKAY!! I’M A SINNER!!!” – Robert DeNiro (We’re No Angels)

“Ford, what part of ‘I don’t love you anymore, you’re a bastard, and I never want to see you again’ didn’t you understand?” – Shane (Torque)

“She said come look there’s a … she said come look there’s a wardrobe of love in my eyes. Take your time, look around, and see if there’s something in your size … ” – Lyle Rogers composing a song (Ishtar)

“I hope you know how to take care of yourself. I call karate!” – James J. Jamison III (Clambake)

“Car 54, where the fuck are you?” – Captain Dave Thomas (Car 54, Where Are You?)

“Well…aren’t you ever summin’!” / ”If I’m the prize, you’re the winner!” – Peggy Ann Snow (Magic)

“No one’s ever taken anyone out of here. Not in the whole history of … the whole history!” – Kira (Xanadu)

“The fate of the free world in the hands of hustlers and thieves.” – Darius Stone (XXX: State of the Union)

Dracula: Are you ready to die Blade? — Blade: I was born ready motherfucker! — Dracula: Motherfucker … I like that. – (Blade: Trinity)

“Fear is what protects you from the things you don’t believe in.” – Edward Carnby (Alone in the Dark)

“He was always ready to go off at the drop of a legend.” – Allan Quatermain (Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold)

“Can you read what’s in my mind? Skull-dugg-er-y! Skull-dugg-er-y! Tearing up my mind! Heavy breath! Passion in your eyes! Skull-dugg-er-y! Skull-dugg-er-y! I just found a clue, it’s all gone! YEAH! I can see what’s in your head! Skull-dugg-er-y! Skull-dugg-er-y! Feeling just the pain! Killer’s smile! Now I understand! Skull-dugg-er-y! Skull-dugg-er-y! Shattered hopes and dreams all fall down! YEAH!” – The Skullduggery Band (Skullduggery)

“One day you’ll see the day and you’ll regret it!” / “When you least expect it … expect it!” – Billy (Gang Wars)

“Girls are whack, man!” – Ozone (Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo)

“Stop the movie! You must stop this movie! The man on the screen just blasphemed the name of the Lord! There must be some mistake! You must stop this movie! This is an abomination!” – Russel Carlisle (Time Changer)

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